All our learning and development is built around our experience and knowledge of delivering training and learning activities at every level of an organisation. We have built our training to be available in both Welsh and English and to deliver a wide range of topics. You can invest in the right type of learning and development to suit your organisation:

  • Existing packages with a track record of success, available to buy now 
  • Training packages tailored to your organisation’s requirements
  • Blended learning is prioritised in all our learning and development
  • We know this approach is highly successful in supporting the application of learning into practice
Training Courses

Our training courses are delivered online or in person to both small and large groups.  They are structured to develop both individuals and teams and full support is on offer throughout the course. Each course is structured so that individuals can learn at their own pace and in a way that supports their preferred learning style.

We deliver training in the following areas:

Management and leadership development
  • Emerging leaders programme for first line managers
  • Manager development programmes
  • Leading culture and practice provided to managers across a range of management levels
  • Transformational leadership development programme for corporate managers with a particular focus on supporting them to drive and implement a corporate transformational whole service restructure
  • Safeguarding procedures (multi-agency)
  • Social Services and Wellbeing Wales Act
  • Regulation and Inspection of Social Care Wales
  • Multi-agency sessions covering the principles, duties and overview of policy and legislative requirements and how these should be implemented in practice 
  • Practice and skills development
  • Reflective approaches to making changes to new approaches to practice
  • Programmes last 12 months plus and are focused on transforming and embedding changes in culture and practice
Team development
  • Promoting wellbeing and resilience workshops (particularly during COVID)
  • Team building activities
  • Organisational development workshops for managers

Our Practice Development workshops are designed to give support to understanding the changes to regulatory requirements. We ensure your teams are implementing legislation and policy in the correct way. We have developed tools and resources to help inform practice.  These allow individuals to reflect on their own working practices and to identify both what they are doing well and areas they can develop. The teams we work with benefit from our coaching sessions to help them identify what best practice looks like. They are then empowered to adapt their own daily behaviours and deliver long term change.

For more information regarding our training and workshops please contact us directly and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.