Strategic Development

Service design combined effectively with customer experience

Your strategy tells you how you'll achieve success, no matter how that success is defined

Strategic development is a vital component of a succesful organisation and is key in defining how you'll achieve your goals and reach success. In developing your strategy you can set your goals, determine the actions to achieve the goals, and identiy the resources needed to execute the actions.

Working with you to consider how emerging trends and developments might potentially affect current policy and practice will ensure you set in place a longer term strategic approach, develop new insights and think ‘outside the box’.

Strategic development has four key stages and at WELV Consulting we can work with you on one or all of these stages with the aim of translating strategy into practice:

  • Awareness - developing an understanding of the internal and external environmental factors and your unique capabilities and strengths
  • Planning - determing the goals to be achieved and developing the plans that will deliver the results
  • Development - designing and implementing the policies, processes, tools and models to bring your strategy to life
  • Results - learning from customer experience and evaluating against required standards to confirm that success has been achieved


Examples of work we have done:

  • delivery of transformation programmes
  • development and implementation of team and service structures
  • development of quality assurance frameworks and activities
  • design of local authority Information, Advice and Assistance Service
  • development of regional approaches to assessment and care planning for children and families (including development of policies and documentation/ templates)
  • development of regional policies (advocacy, complaints, provision of information, advice and assistance)
  • development of commissioning strategies