Evaluation and Review

Knowing you are getting it right for your customers

The importance of understanding your business, knowing what difference you are making and striving for improvement cannot be understated.

Evaluation and review are vital components of performance improvement as they help you to understand how you are performing, whether you are reaching your goals, and they inform your decisions about what to do next.

The evaluation process is likely to be driven by a number of factors including:

  • organisational, strategic and financial planning
  • customer and stakeholder feedback
  • funding requirements
  • legislative and policy changes
  • inspection requirements

Through evaluation and review we can support you to make continuous improvement by:

  • identifying successes
  • identifying problems and weaknesses so they can be rectified
  • identifying staff training and development needs
  • identifying effective practice
  • mapping outcomes against targets and priorities
  • encouraging partnership working

Examples of work we have done:

  • evaluation of early intervention programmes for children and families
  • inspection preparation
  • child practice reviews
  • progress review of policy and legislation implementation (for example Social Services and Wellbeing Act)
  • external reviewer in an extended child practice review
  • development of quality assurance frameworks

"What we do not understand, we cannot control"

-Charles A Reich-

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